Excursions in the Biberach area

  • Museumschmalspurbahn Öchlse - Narrow-gauge railway that routinely operates between Warthausen and Ochsenhausen. Special excursions are also available.
  • Pilgrimage church Steinhausen (Wallfahrtskirche Steinhausen) - This Baroque church is referred to as nothing less than the "most beautiful village church in the world".
  • Federsee and Federseemuseum in Bad Buchau - One of the most captivating nature reserves in all of Baden-Württemberg. This area is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A visit to the "Wackelwald" (literally, shaky footing) forest is a must as well. Thanks to the prevailing marshland soil, the name says it all.
  • Ulm - Enjoy the view of Danube City from the highest church tower in the world (Ulm Minster) and check out the world's most lopsided hotel in the medieval fishermen's quarter.
  • Oberschwäbisches Museumsdorf Kürnbach (Upper Swabian museum village of Kürnbach) - This museum village depicts the rural past of Upper Swabia as well as offers a variety of themed day events.
  • Bussen mountain  - The Bussen mountain is known as the "Holy Mountain of Upper Swabia" and gives you a commanding outlook of the region as well as a magnificent panoramic view of the Alps (good weather provided, of course). More information: Holiday region "In and around Bussen".

More detailed information on Upper Swabia can be found on the Oberschwaben Tourismus Web site.

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