Gigelberg and Gigelturm

The Gigelberg hall, a wodden building constructed in 1895 an the old town beerhall are located in the park, built on the initiative of Friedrich Goll 170 years ago. During Schützenfest in July, locals and visitors swarm to the fairground on the top of the hill

The Gigelturm tower, built in the 14th century and severely attacked during the 30 Years's War was rebuilt in 1788. It is a typical watch tower from which the watchman was on the lookout for fires in the town an warned the population of impending storms with the alarm bell.

The Schillerhöhe is a vantage point under an old lime tree not far from the Gigelturm tower. The idyllic spot invites you to linger and, in good weather, offers a sweeping view over the roofs of Biberach.