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Historical highlights

Stadtpfarrkirche St. Martin - One of the oldest simultaneous churches in Germany and station of the Upper Swabian Baroque Route ("Oberschwäbische Barockstraße").

Weberberg - The former guild settlement makes Biberach and its iconic half-timbered houses a notable stopping point on the German Timber-Frame Road ("Deutsche Fachwerkstraße").

Weißgerberwalk - One of the last of the old chamois leather tanneries in Europe, where work is still carried out today as it was then. The tannery can only be visited on a guided tour.

Marktplatz (market square) - The Marktplatz is one of the most beautiful of its kind in southern Germany. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the weekly market assembles here ─ one of the largest fresh produce markets in the region.

Museum Biberach - The modern exhibition house in the historic hospital complex is one of the more notable city museums in southern Germany.

Information about our public guided city tours

Overview of the public city tours
Historical sightseeing walk
  • Wednesday (May - October): Starts at 2 p.m. and lasts 1 1/2 hours; adults pay Euro 9
  • Saturday: Starts at 2 p.m. and lasts 2 hours (includes a visit to the White Tower); adults pay Euro 12
Themed tour

Unless stated otherwise, the meeting point for the guided tours is the Spitalhof (former hospital quarter) of the Biberach Museum. Registration is not required.

Children up to ten years of age are free of charge. Students aged eleven and up receive a 50 percent discount off of the regular price.

Information about our bookable guided city tours

A good idea for special occasions: Guided tours you can book!

Book your very own special journey through time ─ for you, your friends, guests, a family celebration, company guests or a club or association party.

We would be delighted to put together an entertaining guided city tour with you in mind! Dramatised guided tours, tours in traditional dress as well as in a different language are also possible.

Go to "bookable city tours" for an overview of available guided city tours and to book your tour.

An absolute must for connoisseurs: The fresh market

This market is one of the largest and most visually appealing fresh produce markets in the entire region. Every Wednesday and Saturday morning, you can peruse the market in search of regional products, seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as international delicacies. You will also have a great time doing so! Hungry? No problem! In the mood for a Swabian Dinette, Falafel or Käsespätzle?

Shopping Trip

Feel, taste, smell and try out ─ Embark on a shopping spree through the city centre to discover the latest fashions at the local shops boasting big-city flair as well as take in clever and unusual items on display in fine boutiques and stores set in a unique historical scene. Navigate to Leisure & Shopping for more information on shopping in Biberach. Recommendation: While touring the city centre, be sure to also check out the alleys for shops specialising in handicrafts, jewellery and other fine items, and your favourite collectables!

Tip: Bright prospects

Walks with breathtaking views

Enjoy the unique view from the Schillerhöhe lookout point cresting the roofs of Biberach. Or how about an alpine view from "Lindele"? Both paths take you along the Biberach nature trail. Peruse the brochure on outdoor walks for more information on the flora and fauna awaiting you.

Via the municipal park ("Stadtgarten”) to Schillerhöhe

The Schillerhöhe lookout point perched atop the Gigelberg hillside offers you a wonderful view. The most beautiful way to the top starts at the Stadtgarten. With the vast expanse of blossoms in the foreground and the White Tower in back, you literally find yourself standing in a postcard motif of Biberach. Continue through the garden on towards the White Tower, which you visit every Saturday as part of a historical city tour. Walk underneath and through the White Tower along the path as you continually climb up to Schillerhöhe. From the lookout point under the branches of an old lime tree not far from the "Gigelturm" (Gigel tower), you will be able to see far beyond the rooftops of Biberach if you are visiting in good weather. A part of the old city wall connects the "Hochwacht" ─ the former quarters of the night guards ─ with the Gigelturm. Walk past the Hochwacht gate and the Hirschgraben up to the Gigelberg area, which has a playground and plenty of green grass to take a rest.

Alpine view from Lindele

You can take in the "Wielandlinde" on a walk to the "Lindele" lookout point. From Gigelberg, continue along the Gaisentalstraße to the "Krumme Weg", where you will pass through orchard meadows on your way to the "Lindele", which offers a fantastic view over Biberach and ─ if a föhn is present ─ extends all the way to the Alps. Follow the path up to Birkenharder Straße to reach the "Wielandlinde" where, in 1750 ─ as tradition holds ─ poet, thinker and son of Biberach Martin C. Wieland (1733 - 1818) became engaged to Sophie Gutermann (1730 - 1807), who later became known as writer Sophie von LaRoche.

Favorite spots
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