on foot in Biberach

A short walk, a long hike or a Nordic walking tour: there are many ways to explore Biberach on foot.

Whether it's Nordic walking in the Burrenwald forest ─ the "Herzweg" path over the Jordanberg mountain or a little stroll on the Way of St. James through the Wolfental valley: Forest and meadow paths invite walkers and athletes alike to discover Biberach's surroundings. And if you are on the lookout for a patch of green in the city, be sure to follow the nature trail from Ratzengraben over Gigelberg up to Lindele.

Hiking tips ‘On foot around Biberach’

We have put together 11 tours for you on which you can enjoy the varied Upper Swabian landscape with forests and meadows, lakes and moors. With the help of the clear map, which fits comfortably in your backpack, you will always know where to go.

Two hikes in and around Biberach as well as numerous other hiking tips from the surrounding area can be found in the hiking guide for the holiday region around the Bussen.

If you are interested in a guided hike around Biberach, you will find a suitable offer at the Schwäbische Albverein e. V., Biberach local group.

Way of St. James (Jakobusweg)

The Way of St. James (Jakobusweg) also leads through Upper Swabia ─ from Ulm to Constance via Biberach. The "Biberach stamp" for the pilgrim's ID card can be obtained at the tourist information centre in city hall, in the Biberach museum or in the sacristy of the parish church of St. Martin. Additional information on the "Camino de Santiago" through Upper Swabia is available on the Oberschwaben Tourismus Web site.

Way of St Martin

In addition to the Way of St James, Biberach is also a stop on the Martinus Way of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. The network of paths covers a total of almost 1,200 kilometres. The standard signpost on the St Martin's Way is the symbol of a narrow yellow cross on a dark red background. Further information on the route of the main trail and the four other regional Martinus trails can be found at


The Beaver hiking trails - circular hiking trails through the villages of Biberach

Beaver Hiking Trail Mettenberg

Mettenberg village

Beaver Hiking Trail Ringschnait

Ringschnait village

Beaver Hiking Trail Rißegg-Rindenmoos

Value creation and respect for nature, a sense of reality and bold innovations are the signals of the future. The large district town of Biberach an der Riss is continuously providing new impetus for ‘small.strong.Upper Swabian’. At the same time, the change in agriculture is giving more and more people the opportunity to find their centre of life here. New development areas enable rural living with short distances to the city.

Rißegg-Rindenmoos, with its current population of around 2500, is the largest of Biberach's four suburbs. Rißegg was first mentioned in a document in 1128 as ‘Rüsseck’. The coat of arms depicts a red-armed and red-tipped black bear standing upright in gold, holding a rooted red lily staff with its right front paw.

The village community centre was opened in 2022 with a construction volume of around 4 million euros. The house in Rißegg and the old school in Rindenmoos are a pleasant expression of the vibrancy of village life. The circular hiking trail, which was created as part of the Heimattage 2023 festival, aims to showcase the diversity of the village and its scenic charm. Information boards along the way accompany you on this exploratory tour.

Moderately difficult route

Beaver Hiking Trail Stafflangen

Stafflangen village

You will also find the following tours on the hiking map:

Tour 1: The hidden mill wheel

Starting point: Biberach railway station
Route length: approx. 9.82 km
Gradient: 100 metres uphill

Biberach is a member of the Upper Swabia Mill Route. Who will discover the old water wheel on this tour? The trail leads along the Riß river to Birkendorf. After a short, hearty climb through the forest towards Mettenberg, take a deep breath and enjoy the unobstructed view of the northern Rißtal valley. You walk through the district of Mettenberg across fields and meadows back towards Biberach.

GPX-Datei: The hidden mill wheel

Tour 2: Nature Trail

Starting point: Biberach railway station
Route length: approx. 5.70 km
Trail quality: tarmac or paved paths; approx. 70 metres ascent

‘Seeing for a walk’ is the motto of the nature trail through Biberach. With the help of information boards, it opens your eyes to the secrets of the habitats of watercourses and orchards, and along the way you can learn interesting facts about the local birdlife, geology and much more.

There are fascinating views from several vantage points: from the Schillerhöhe over the old town to the Rißtal valley and, with good visibility, the Alpine panorama from the Lindele vantage point. The nature trail and its signposting ends at Wielandstraße.
The route shown here continues through the historic town centre of Biberach, past the market square, the parish church and the Biberach Museum.

GPX-Datei: Biberach nature trail


Tour 3: Up the Jordan Mountain

Starting point: Biberach railway station
Route length: approx. 10.3 km
Trail quality: tarmac paths, forest, meadow and field paths; steep climbs of around 130 metres

The climb up the Jordanberg is quite strenuous, but a cool Kneipp pool at the Jordanbad helps to cool down hot feet for the way back.

GPX-Datei: Sporty Jordanberg route

Tour 4: Fun Activities for Kids 

Starting point: Biberach railway station
Route length: approx. 8.78 km
Trail quality: tarmac or gravelled paths, suitable for pushchairs

There are all sorts of things to discover and try out on this trail. Don't miss the fun and mud factor at the Wolfental water playground!

GPX-Datei: Fun activities for kids

Tour 5: On the southern route around biberach

Starting point: Biberach railway station
Route length: approx. 8.49 km
Trail quality: tarmac or gravel paths; about 70 metres of ascent

Water animals, ducks, coots, swans and herons accompany you on this route through the southern meadows of Biberach. Attentive hikers will even find tree trunks with typical beaver bites along the way. The route leads along the Black Brook towards Jordanbad. After a steep climb of approx. 70 metres, you reach Rissegg. Continue in the direction of Rindenmoos. Through the Mumpfental valley you approach the starting point again.

GPX-Datei: South route

Tour 6: The short Burrenwald tour

Starting point: Burrenwald hiking car park
Route length: 3.7 km
Trail quality: good forest paths, about 50 metres uphill

This route is one of the classics among the various possible tours in the Burrenwald forest. Passing the climbing forest with adventure playground and barbecue area, the route leads through the quiet forest. Here you can take a break right at the beginning or at the end - with or without children - or become even more active and swing through the treetops. The route is particularly enjoyable on hot summer days, as you walk under shady deciduous and coniferous trees.

GPX-Datei: The short Burrenwald tour

Tour 7: An extended walk in the forest

Starting point: Burrenwald hiking car park
Route length: between 11 and 13 kilometres, depending on the route
Trail quality: good forest paths, approx. 130 metres of ascent

Tips: Burrenwald playground and barbecue area, Biberach climbing forest

A hike on a variation of shady forest paths in the Burrenwald forest and unexpected forest ponds. At the B312, you can opt for a northern or southern route - the southern route is slightly longer. The reward for the walk: two vantage points offer magnificent views of the Swabian Alb.

GPX-Datei: Big Burrenwald tour

Tour 8: Forest pond and meadow valley

Starting point: car park at the ‘Gasthaus Burren’ inn
Route length: approx. 4.81 km
Gradient: 40 metres uphill

The walk leads from the car park of the ‘Zum Burren’ inn through shady mixed forest around a quiet pond hidden in the forest. You walk across open meadows along the edge of the forest through a long, tranquil meadow valley back to the Burren restaurant. There you can reward yourself with coffee and cake or a snack.

GPX-Datei: Forest pond and meadow valley

Tour 9:  Nordic walking in the Burrenwald forest

Starting point: Car park at the sports facilities in Birkenhard
Route length: 5.73 km
Trail quality: good forest paths, about 60 metres of ascent

Do you like it sporty? For brisk walking with poles, there is a specially signposted route for Nordic walking that starts in Birkenhard. With a length of 5.73 km and an elevation gain of 60 metres, effective walking on this circular route requires an average level of fitness. The last two kilometres of the route lead back to Birkenhard along the same route on well-maintained paths through the Burrenwald forest.

GPX-Dateien: Nordic walking in the Burrenwald forest

Tour 10: To the Laurentius Chapel viewpoint

Starting point: Rindenmoos hiking car park
Route length: approx. 5.70 kilometres
Trail quality: mainly forest paths, after the Laurentius Chapel a section on a tarred or gravelled municipal road

If you leave the Rindenmooser Wals in the direction of Degernau, you will reach the Laurentius Chapel. The view opens up wide and you can enjoy a marvellous view over a characteristic part of Upper Swabia with the typical ‘hills and bumps’. In good weather, you will be rewarded with a view as far as the Alps.

GPX-Datei: To the Laurentius Chapel viewpoint

Tour 11: A short tour in the Rindenmoos forest

Starting point: Rindenmooser Wald hiking car park
Route length: 3.50 km
Trail quality: Forest paths, about 20 metres uphill

This tour through the Rindenmoos forest is a lovely short walk. It can also be used as a Nordic walking route and is therefore another option for fans of effective walking with poles. Regardless of how you are travelling, it is an undisturbed and shady loop through the Rindenmoos forest and a short stretch along the edge of the field.

GPX-Dateien: Tour in the Rindenmoos forest

Tip: Bright prospects

Walks with breathtaking views

Enjoy the unique view from the Schillerhöhe lookout point cresting the roofs of Biberach. Or how about an alpine view from "Lindele"? Both paths take you along the Biberach nature trail. Peruse the brochure on outdoor walks for more information on the flora and fauna awaiting you.

Via the municipal park ("Stadtgarten”) to Schillerhöhe

The Schillerhöhe lookout point perched atop the Gigelberg hillside offers you a wonderful view. The most beautiful way to the top starts at the Stadtgarten. With the vast expanse of blossoms in the foreground and the White Tower in back, you literally find yourself standing in a postcard motif of Biberach. Continue through the garden on towards the White Tower, which you visit every Saturday as part of a historical city tour. Walk underneath and through the White Tower along the path as you continually climb up to Schillerhöhe. From the lookout point under the branches of an old lime tree not far from the "Gigelturm" (Gigel tower), you will be able to see far beyond the rooftops of Biberach if you are visiting in good weather. A part of the old city wall connects the "Hochwacht" ─ the former quarters of the night guards ─ with the Gigelturm. Walk past the Hochwacht gate and the Hirschgraben up to the Gigelberg area, which has a playground and plenty of green grass to take a rest.

Alpine view from Lindele

You can take in the "Wielandlinde" on a walk to the "Lindele" lookout point. From Gigelberg, continue along the Gaisentalstraße to the "Krumme Weg", where you will pass through orchard meadows on your way to the "Lindele", which offers a fantastic view over Biberach and ─ if a föhn is present ─ extends all the way to the Alps. Follow the path up to Birkenharder Straße to reach the "Wielandlinde" where, in 1750 ─ as tradition holds ─ poet, thinker and son of Biberach Martin C. Wieland (1733 - 1818) became engaged to Sophie Gutermann (1730 - 1807), who later became known as writer Sophie von LaRoche.

Favorite spots
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