Bookable guided city tours

A good idea for special occasions: Guided tours you can book!

Book your very own special journey through time ─ for you, your friends, guests, a family celebration, company guests or a club or association party.

An overview of our bookable guided city tours is available in German under “Buchbare Stadtführungen“. Contact us and we will check if the desired tour is available in english. Our historical city tour can be booked in English in any case (see below).

1. Historical city tour

Six participants of a city tour and the city guide stand in front of a staircase on the city wall. The stairs lead to the White Tower.
Would you like to travel back in time?

Duration: 2 hours
Maximum of 25 individuals
Euro 120.00

Foreign language charge: English and French: Euro 20

We'll take you on an engaging journey through time: One of the most beautiful market squares in southern Germany, the oldest house in the city and the Weberberg district with its ancient half-timbered houses are just some of the stops on an enjoyable tour through the old part of town. Climb the imposing "White Tower" and take a look at one of the more odd things Biberach has in store: The parish church, with its Baroque design inside, is the oldest "shared church" in Germany and helped Biberach become an official stopping point on the Upper Swabian Baroque Route (Oberschwäbische Barockstraße).

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