SPa and wellness in Biberach

Be it a well-deserved break, a need for sports activities or leisure fun ─ the indoor swimming pool and the Jordanbad spa offer something for every water enthusiast.

The Jordanbad spa

People can let go from their day-to-day lives and find themselves at the Jordanbad (St Elisabeth Foundation). A break directly on your doorstep frees up the mind and ensures an inner equilibrium.

The name of the well-known and, at the time, already holistic therapist and pastor, Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897), is associated with the long and exciting history of the Jordanbad. Today the Jordanbad responds to people's needs with tried-and-tested methods and modern approaches in its thermal springs, Park Hotel, wellness, therapy and fitness centre, PraxisAktiv (orthopaedic medical services) and residential homes for seniors.

The Jordanbad offers the following:

  • bubbling spring with thermal water
  • saline basin with salt from the Dead Sea
  • aroma pool
  • sauna area
  • 70-metre tunnel slide
  • 15-metre broad slide
  • children's area
  • restaurant

Important information: The Jordantherme with sauna area will be closed from 8 July 2024 to 12 July 2024 due to inspection and cleaning work.

Open-air pool and indoor swimming pool

In the town yet surrounded by greenery; that is where the indoor and open-air sports pools share the same location. The open-air pool provides sparkling summer freshness from May to September. With separate children's area, play and fun facilities, generous lying areas and favourable offers, it ensures great water fun for all the family. The adjoining indoor pool is carefully designed and modern; a pool for swimmers and divers. It ist not just appreciated by schools and clubs. As, ultimately, what can beavers do best apart from building houses? That's right: swimming.

  • diving pools with a 5-metre tower, a 3-metre board and two 1-metre boards
  • competition-quality 25-metre pool and a beginners pool

open-air pool (closed in 2024)

  • pool facilities that combine a giant slide
  • flow channel
  • water louners
  • aerator
  • msuhroom fountain
  • separate area for parents and children