on foot in Biberach

This Upper Swabian landscape is something you really need to investigate. Those lonely paths and woods, where you set off for hours of walking without meeting another soul, can still be found here.

Whether it's Nordic walking in the Burrenwald forest ─ the "Herzweg" path over the Jordanberg mountain or a little stroll on the Way of St. James through the Wolfental valley: Forest and meadow paths invite walkers and athletes alike to discover Biberach's surroundings. And if you are on the lookout for a patch of green in the city, be sure to follow the nature trail from Ratzengraben over Gigelberg up to Lindele.

Hiking brochure entitled, "Zu Fuß rund um Biberach" (on foot around Biberach)

14 tours for Nordic walkers, lookers-on and the fitness inspired are listed in the "Zu Fuß rund um Biberach" (on foot around Biberach) hiking brochure, which is available for download.

Guided hiking tours around Biberach are offered by the Schwäbische Albverein e. V., Biberach local branch. Get up and close with the flora and fauna in Biberach on the natural history trail that winds through the city.

Way of St. James (Jakobusweg)

The Way of St. James (Jakobusweg) also leads through Upper Swabia ─ from Ulm to Constance via Biberach. The "Biberach stamp" for the pilgrim's ID card can be obtained at the tourist information centre in city hall, in the Biberach museum or in the sacristy of the parish church of St. Martin. Additional information on the "Camino de Santiago" through Upper Swabia is available on the Oberschwaben Tourismus Web site.